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Police Service Dog

The General Purpose Police Dog is a multi-tasking animal. It is trained to

Track human scent

Protect the handler

Recover Evidence and Property

Search Open and Building Areas for Hidden suspects

Criminal Apprehension

Negotiate Obstacles  

                                                     Always be Under Handler's Control         

 Search and Rescue Dog

The Search and Rescue Dog is in great demand both locally, for missing persons and at international disasters.

There are two main formats one being live person finds (lost or trapped) and the other is deceased victims (human remains).

Both of these operate in wilderness or urban areas.

                                                                           The live find search dog is trained in the following:




                                                                                        Article Search

                                                                                        Open Area Search

                                                                                        Building Search 

                                                                                        Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) Collapsed Buildings 

                                                                                        Human Remains Detection is a separate profile and is conducted on land and water.

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