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Explosives Detection Dog

The Explosives Detection Dog can work in a Police, Security, Military or Blue Chip Company capacity.


These dogs detect the odours of Glycerine's,(Dynamite, Slurrries), Plastiques, (C4, DM12, Semtex A&H etc.), Black and Smokeless Powders, (Weapons and Ammunitions) Det Cord, Deta Sheet, Boosters. All PETN and RDX based explosives.

Customized programs include the latest Home Made Explosives (HME's) such as Nitrate Based, TATP, Chlorates and combinations usually contained in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).


All dogs work in all indoor and outdoor environments and hides include hidden or buried in a variety of conveyances.


  Narcotics Detection Dog


The Narcotic Detection Dog is trained to indicate on the odours of Marijuana, Hashish, Crack, Cocaine, Heroin and Meth. Other Drug odours can be added

to the imprinting process depending on agency or private event requirements.

Personal Protection, Security Patrol , Counter Insurgent, Dog

Private Security and Contractors are in great demand to protect the personnel and assets of Blue Chip Companies.

Dogs are used in protection against insurgents in hostile areas. They patrol and detect unwanted persons in compounds and buildings.

They are also used in detection of Narcotics and Explosives on company aircraft vessels, vehicles and buildings.


They also can be used to detect Narcotics and Explosives, in lockers, common areas and transportation gates as part of employee fidelity checks or conditions of employment.

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